Sapanta, Romania

Merry Cemetery

Some English Translations

by Doru, a Romanian expatriate now living in Toronto





I here rest

And my name is Stan Ion

The Ion of Mihaies (Fatherís first name was Mihaies, the family name Stan).

And I was a cop in Iasi (city name)

And from there in Brasau (folk name for Brasov)

I was a good cop

But now I have to give you my salute

Since you will not see me for long

As I left this world

At the age of 58

In the year 1952 I died




I here rest

And Frunza Andrei is my name.

From Iasi I am

And here I came to get married.

As long as I lived in this world,

On a tractor I lived,

I worked in the forest at Sapanta

And my life was done,

Off the tractor I fell.

Four children I left and my wife

Who was left alone to see them grow up.





I here rest

Toader Basu is my name

As long as in this world I lived

Goats and sheep I slaughtered

And calf and lambs

And their meat I sold to housewives.

But I left this life

At the age of 58 in March 1958



Near my father I rest,

Anuta Osului is my name.

With my feet I did not walk (handicapped?)

With my hands I worked.

And I had a son to help me

But I left everything

And he not yet married.

And as long as I lived

Little good life I had.

And you, sisters and nieces

I beg to take care of Ion

And I wish you all long lives

Since I left my life at 66



On this Earth as long as I lived
Braicu Mihai was my name.
Much I worked in the forest
And I lifted stumps
I fell gravely ill
And I was finished with working
And I had three children
And I had them grow up.
You, Iuliana, my wife,
I leave you almanac.
You take care
And grieve after me
And merry our lads
And be a good landlord
Till youíll come next to me.
More I will not say
I am in a world of peace
I lived 60 years
Dead in 1988.



(belonging probably to a Communist Party official, as attested by the symbol of the hammer and sickleJ

Here I rest
and Holdis Ioan is my name.
As long as I lived
The Party I loved
And I fought
To make the people happy.
I children did not have
And I grew
and the village farmstead I helped.
Lived 72 years 1975.

(Tuica is a pretty potent brew made from plums, biggest source of drinking excess in Romania)

Tuica is pure venom
She brings tears and torment
And this it brought to me too
Death put me under her foot.
He who likes tuica a lot
Will have at the end my lot
As I have loved tuica a lot
And with it in hand I died.
Here rests Dumitru Holdis
Lived 45 years
Dead of forced (read: sudden, compelled) death
In 1958.



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