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Putting Papillon to Bed for the Winter


In the very small French village of Honnecourt sur Escaut, near Cambrai, lives an English couple with an interest in motorhoming.


David and Linda purchased the farm compound, without the farm land, in order to be closer to the center of his work which is a long haul transport driver.


Realizing that they had excess space in the barn, they advertised in Motorhome circles that they had storage space available for Motorhomes.  We found them on the internet.



After a good wash and wax, draining of all tanks and other preparations we backed our boy in.  Later David rearranged the 2 caravans and Papillon for their long winters sleep, thus there is not a photo of Papillon in repose.




We shall rejoin with our mobile home in April 2008 and see what is around the next corner, what is over the next mountain.


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