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We had planned to cut the north east corner of Hungary and stay one night only.

We stayed two nights here at Tiszla Camping.



The King of Wines,

The Wine of Kings.

Louis XIV - Roi de France

All wine regions of the world produce a variety of wines and most usually have a specialty - a wine of great merit.  Tokaj is no exception, and its premium wines are world renowned and uniquely special.  There really is nothing comparable to the Tokaji Aszu and especially the Tokaji Eszencia wines anywhere else in the world.  

And we decided to go tasting.

Primarily sweet dessert wines, in Tokaj they have various production and storage processes that are utilized to produce wine of various sweetness levels.  In the photo above the Aszu bottle has a 5 on it (out of 1 to 6) or nearly the best of the lot.  It is rather sweet but not like a candy sweet, and it is very very smooth.  The lesser the number the less smooth the wine is on the palette.  And then there is the Eszencia.  At 200 dollars a bottle this is one of the smoothest wines we have sampled.  (No, no we did not buy a bottle, but we did try a $20 glass worth.)  It is very difficult to put into words the smooth satin finish of this wine.  And the best way to describe its weight is to liken it to cough syrup in its thickness.

A small village along the banks of the Tizla river, Tokaj sits on rich volcanic soil that is wonderful for grapes.  And like most wine regions of the world, the landscape is most pleasing to the eye.
Our happy friend here, with grapes in one hand and glass raised high in the other, celebrates the shear joy of an exceptional wine.

(And oh yeah, he is naked except for his boots.)

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