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Camping on Board


The overnight ferries from Italy to Greece and return offer an accommodation known as "Camping on Board".  You pay for the cost of shipping your RV plus a fare for yourself, usually a "deck chair" for 56 Euro each, but you are allowed to stay in your rig.  They provide an on board restroom with showers, electricity, and fresh water.  


The early arrivers usually get placed on the "sundeck" while all others are placed within the ship along with the cars and trucks.


On this Superfast Lines vessel from Ancona, Italy to Patras, Greece, Papillon is on the upper deck of the 2 vehicle decks, basking out in the sun.


An overview photo of the camping deck while still docked in Ancona.  Yes, everyone of these trucks made the sailing.


An interior photo looking aft.  The line of cars and campers next to Papillon departed the ship at Igoumenitsa in Northern Greece via a ramp that could be raised or lowered.


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