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Turkey - Part 4


In any journey like this one there comes a time when:

1.  You hit a wall and figuratively run out of gas, or

2.  You find a place that touches your soul and decide to stay awhile, or

1 and 2 combine.

In our case it was both and the place was



pronounced "kaash"

A town of 8,000 lying beneath Sleeping Giant Mountain.

A place so laid back and unhurried that we seriously considered staying for the entire summer.


Lycian Rock Cut tombs from the 450's BC

The town Tea Garden

Near the main square and shopping


A shopping and restaurant district that was filled with good selection and good quality


Charter boats and cruises available by the half day to the week or more.

Some of the best diving water in all of the Mediterranean Sea


And one of the prime reasons for our contentment was Kaş Camping, a campground that embraced us like no other.


Right on the sea with a restaurant and less than a half mile walk to town.  Also there was Sundiving, specializing in instruction and dive tours of the surrounding waters.


More Kas Camping photos


What big feet you have!!!

Yes, and they are yellow.



We were welcomed as family.  A candid photo of the "family" table with Tom on the right in a white tee shirt.


It really was all about the people in Kaş and Kaş Camping



Yilmaz, the first to greet us and to offer assistance.  Drove taxi in Brooklyn for a number of years.  Came back and opened a Jazz Club in town.  Introduced us to a couple of other helpful folks.

Erol, half German, half Turk, owner of Sundiving.  It was amazing how many things we had in common and could talk about for hours.


His wife and business associate, Selin

Seyhmus, who took it upon himself, when he saw Judy and I sitting on the edge of the wooden dock watching the full moon rise before us, to bring us cushions and candles.

Teyşekkir ederim 

Luciano, always with a smile.  Played pro football for the Antalya team as a mid-fielder.


Nigar, a warm person who attempted to instruct me in Turkish, but I was a poor student. 

Nejat - the Bossman








We get interviewed for Turkish Television


Wilco van Herpin is a Dutch native living in Turkey for the past 11 years.  He is an independent documentary short maker under contract to Turkish television.  He was in town for other filming and became enthralled with our Winnebago View, and especially the slide out.  When he saw that we were American he asked to make an interview with us for public viewing.  We agreed and he filmed both of us separately - me outside, Judy inside.  We also demonstrated the slide opening and closing from both the interior and exterior.



Wilco recently married Gonca Gurses who assists him occasionally but who is an opera singer in her own right and has performed in most major Turkish venues.



Tess Sultan Soylu

A Harvard grad.  In time was invited to join friends on a gulet cruise of the Turkish coast.  Spent a couple of days in Kaş and met a fellow.  Sailed away but his memory stayed in her mind.  She called him and asked if she could visit.  She never left.

They have raised 3 kids and put them through Turkish Universities.  Opened some rug shops and did well, then 9/11 slowed things down and they have one carpet shop now and a cafe/bar named The Efendi on the main plaza by the harbor.

Earned the title of Sultan by being the first foreign bride in Kaş in modern times.  (The title was also applied to the Sultan's mother who ran the Harem under the Ottoman's.)  Now she is the Grand Dame of Kaş foreign brides.

Here she explains the finer points of Turkish rugs to us in her shop.

Looking for a couple of small throw rugs to grace Papillon's floor.

We bought two, the square gray one behind his leg and the leftmost red and blue rectangular one.



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