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The Emerald Isle




There is a reason that it is so green.


It rains here -

a lot.  





There is one island known as Ireland which has two political sub-divisions.  For the sake of this blog page I treat the land as one geographical unit.  Please do not interpret this to be a political statement.  It is not.





What in the World?



The Giant's Causeway

A World Heritage Site



Constructed by the mythical giant Finn MacCool as a pathway to his lady love who lived on the Scottish isle of Staffa.


These regularly shaped basalt columns are actually the result of volcanic lava flows cooling rapidly and forming polygon shaped columns - thousands of them.  In the US, Devil's Tower in Wyoming has a similar appearance.

Originally embedded in the surrounding strata, they have been exposed over the millennia by wave action.

Finn MacCool?!?





Irish Roads are often narrow

They can be challenging in an automobile.  In a motorhome they are a white knuckle experience.


Finn MacCool





High Crosses



The earliest art within Ireland are the stone High Crosses that dot numerous old monasteries.   Probably used as teaching tools  from the 8th century onward, they usually tell gospel stories in stone.

At the right is the modern replica of the Cross of Scriptures, beside the old lookout tower at Clonmacnoise, on the banks of the Shannon River.  This monastery was one of the most important in Ireland, and one of the most plundered - by both Viking and Irish raiders, as well as English troops in the later centuries.


The Cross of Scriptures


Safely enclosed within its protective museum after standing in the elements for 1000 years.   The east face (left) depicts the Last Judgment within the circle and biblical scenes below in which the scholars are unsure of their exact meaning.  The west face (right) shows the Crucifixion within the circle and the events of the day leading up to the fateful hour. 


Cross of Muiredach

Monasterboice, Ireland


Still standing outdoors since the 10th century, this sandstone giant is one of the best preserved as well as one of the largest crosses in Ireland.

The east face (left) shows the Last Judgment within the roundel and the west face (right) again shows the Crucifixion within the roundel.

Below the east face, the bottom panel depicts Adam and Eve as well as Cain and Able.  Next up is David and Goliath, followed by Moses striking a rock for water to sooth the assembled Israelites. The topmost of 4 panels shows the Visit of the Magi.  The west face panels show Christ risen.

Within each face are numerous other little carvings showing many vignettes of Christian teaching.  This cross is nearly 15 feet tall.


+          +          +



Both Judy and I have sampled Guinness Stout in the United States and we both agreed that we did not favor it.  But everyone here says "Oh no, Guinness is Much Better in Ireland, you must try some here."

Okay, we're game

They were right.  It is better here.  This led to a 







The best place in the world to listen to Irish music, in all its flavors, is a pub in Ireland.




M o l l y    M a l o n e



Apparently Mizz Malone had a night job in which she peddled herself. 

Thus throughout Ireland this Dublin statue is affectionately known as:




The Tart with the Cart


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