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For those of us of a certain age, we will never stop calling it Czechoslovakia


Czech Republic

Česká republika





at night is a city that is second to none in its attractiveness.

Exceptional Baroque architecture in the old sections of town make it most pleasant to the eye.  And the setting of the city on the banks of the Vltava river showcases level upon level of sights.  Above, at sundown we see the Castle complex well lit up with its tiara of Saint Vitus cathedral.  


A city where the architecture is one of the main attractions.

Left;  the Astronomical Clock

Below; St. Tym off Old Town Square





Prague is known for its theater, opera and culture, as well as for Marionettes.

We decided to take in all 3 in one sitting.

We attended a performance of Mozart's opera Don Giovanni at the Marionette theater.

Reasonably based on the original, the cast has been known to take liberties of a humorous vein throughout the evening.  A pleasant and different diversion within our cultural life.








P****** Contest





Kutna Hora 

is a medieval village an hour or so east of Prague.  As such it is a good day trip for the tourists.  Noted for its unchanged appearance over the centuries it has numerous charming streets and some interesting museums.  

But we came for one thing and one thing only.




At the northeast end of town is the world famous

Sedlec Ossuary

Over the centuries the cemetery attached to the nearby church took in thousands of remains of the dearly departed.  Especially bountiful times were the Plague years and the religious Hussite Wars.  In time the burial ground expanded and it took up a lot of room.  However as the centuries passed there was pressure to better utilize the land and the cemetery was "downsized", but the remains remained.  Thus an ossuary was created to hold all dem Bones.

And dem bones had piled up.  40,000 souls worth.  So they stacked them up in a central place - the Ossuary


But then the new land owner did something extraordinary.  He allowed a local wood carver to arrange many of the bones into creative patterns and fixtures.  Such as the Family Crest and a chandelier that embraces every bone found in the human body.


Those bones that they did not utilize inside were tastefully placed in a common grave.





Mustard Seed

As we motored east we always enjoyed viewing the countryside - especially the colorful fields planted in Mustard Seed.  In France we commented on the many tasty mustards we have sampled.  But through Germany, and now in the Czech lands, we saw more and more of the plant and commented that there cannot be that much mustard on the planet.

We were soon undeceived however.  This is Rapeseed and it is one of the best plants available for the production of Biodiesel fuel.








Hidden away up against the Polish border in the uplands are a couple of Rock Cities that could easily get you to add that old staple American Bumper Sticker - "See Rock City" to your vehicle.  

We visited Adršpach Rocks






As is our custom, we rarely know in the morning where we will spend the night.  This evening we spent in the Park parking lot with the other campers and nearby tenters.

There is nothing as pleasing as an upland meadow 




You always know when you are back in the old east Bloc

A number of women sport this color for their "do"


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