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B u s k e r s


Paris, France

Busking is the practice of performing in public places for tips and gratuities. 

People engaging in this practice are called buskers.  Wikipedia definition

Athens, Greece

In almost every large city that we visited we enjoyed the many varieties of Buskers.  Tall and short, young and old.  Musical or comedy or God knows what else.


Munich, Germany

Paris, France

Carcassonne, France


Avignon, France

Munich, Germany


Copenhagen, Denmark

Santiago de Compostella, Spain



This young man in Paris works his craft throughout the city, probably on a daily basis

Marche - Place Bastille

Latin Quarter

There are goldfish in his glass


Split, Croatia

Barcelona, Spain

Athens, Greece

Barcelona, Spain


Thou not buskers per se, you sure see a lot of African men as peddlers of leather goods.  Generally illegal, they work on the fly.  All their stuff is placed on a sheet that can be quickly grabbed by the corners, thrown over their shoulder, and they are outta there.


Here - Athens, Greece


Munich, Germany

Brussels, Belgium

Munich, Germany


Sometimes it takes awhile to get all the ducks into a row.


Krakow, Poland


They come in all shapes and sizes

They amuse us for a small donation.

May they all live a thousand years and populate the planet with their offspring.

Soapbubble man - Wroclaw, Poland

Mystery instrument,  Nurnburg, Germany


Absolutely the worst


This guy played, sang, shrieked, or butchered some sort of oriental noise that was truly hideous.  Nobody stood near him and no one placed any money in his cup.


Avignon, France


Some of the Best

A couple of these acts stand out in our mind, even to this day.


To the right, in the middle of the Eiffel Tower at midnight, are these two Australian "lads" playing electric keyboards and a Didgeridoo.  Their skill was very good and the didgeri sound is one that will stay with you a long long time.


The act below, taking place on Las Rambles in Barcelona was, to our mind, a hoot.  Probably the simplest act we have seen, but quite memorable.  The fellow played a Jack in the Box - he sat in his box starring at the street until someone dropped a coin in his pot.  Then he exploded out of the box and bounced up and down as if attached to a spring.  Stupid we know, but we loved this guy.



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