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4th of July



It is claimed to be the largest 4th of July celebration outside the United States.

We are in

Rebild, Denmark


In its 97th year, it attracts thousands of Danes and Americans to celebrate the friendship and joint heritage of our countries.


Held in the hillside amphitheater of Rebild Bakker National Park in north Jutland, it is a day of lunches, music, speeches and entertainment.


Main speaker today was Janet Borge Crowle, daughter of famed Danish-American pianist and humorist Victor Borge.  In addition there were numerous other Danish and American speakers including a representative from the American Embassy with personal and official greetings from President Barrak Obama.  Princess Benedikte represented the Danish Royal Family.



Greeting the guests at arrival was this absolutely superb young ensemble.  Playing many American favorites from Sousa to Gershwin to New Orleans Jazz.


And just like a good ole Yankee celebration in the US of A, there was a variety of styles and fashions and entertainment and food for young and old alike.


A Polser




*     *     *     *     *

And just the day before!

We were going to go to the town museum of Silkeborg in order to visit the Tollund Man, a fellow who was hung around 300 BC and whose body was discovered perfectly preserved in a peat bog in 1950.

However, upon arrival we noticed a Red Carpet awaiting us. 

 Well, as it turned out, it wasn't actually for us.


Her Royal Highness

Queen Margrethe of Denmark


We knew something big was afoot because there was a policemen there giving everyone instructions.

Just one!

Security is tight in Denmark


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