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Spain 2


The Rain in Spain falls...

mainly on our heads.  18 days out of 21  - rain!


Adventures in Spanish Interior Design  *

* Professora Judith *

Today......"I just Love what You have Done with this Space"


When the weather man promises "sunny all day" for Laundry day


Tomorrow's Lesson....."Accessorizing with Mud"



*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *



For 2 days it rained in Madrid, and we spent most of our time in some of the great art museums, thus we did not take many photographs.  And those that we took are not very interesting so we elect not to post any.  So for Madrid we can say, "been there, done that" and did not buy the T-shirt.




Iberian Ham


The great Small Towns

Traveling by Motorhome better serves touring the small towns, the towns with charm and slow pace and reasonable prices.  Where the folks are glad to meet you and take time to chat.  Where you come downtown for the evening and the streets are filled with slow strollers, and the kids play in the public squares while mom and dad sip a beverage and chat with friends and neighbors in the outdoor cafes.



The Roman Theater - one of the best in Europe and still in use


With a Roman bridge 700 yards long and one of the oldest Moor fortified castles.


And on a Friday evening they make a small procession through the streets with the Virgin Mary and salute her with prayers and "Vivas".




Former Capital of the Kingdom

With a superb cathedral - no photos allowed



The Castle                 SEGOVIA                 The Roman Aqueduct




The great walled citadel





Fantasia Nocturne


Plaza Mayor - one of the great public spaces on Earth

A city that lights up all of its important buildings at night.


Forty years ago I spent a Saturday evening in the Plaza with a pitcher of Sangria and watched the parade.  Dual parades actually, women - 2 by 2 - promenading in one direction and men in the opposite direction.  It was the meeting ritual in the great game of courtship.  The girls, always in pairs or with a chaperone, could nod or smile or flirt twice a cycle as they walked around the arcaded square.  The men could do the same.  And young people met in olden Spain.

I inquired at the Tourist Office if this was still so.

The 3 girls there laughed out loud.

I took that as a "No".




And the great Pilgrimage city of


Santiago de Compostella


Where even today the Pilgrims and Hikers come on foot by the Thousands to the shrine of Saint James the Greater.





Sun at last!


June 3, 2008 - Luarca, north coast of Spain


Where Papillon spends the night close to the sea


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